ShellBoost is licensed only per project.

A project is one Shell Namespace Extension based on the ShellBoost binaries. ShellBoost binaries contains two native assemblies named “ShellBoost.<id>.x64.dll” and “ShellBoost.<id>.x86.dll”. <id> represents the project’s globally unique identifier and cannot be changed for a given project. Conceptually, it also represents the license identifier.

For example, if the assembly is called ShellBoost.e30c6078bc2c45caa5ab83e74067920e.x64.dll, e30c6078bc2c45caa5ab83e74067920e is the project’s unique identifier.

The ShellBoost End-User License Agreement (“EULA”) is available here: ShellBoost License EULA

Commercial version

ShellBoost is royalty-free, so the binaries can be distributed to any number of end-user machines, and any number of developers can work on the same ShellBoost project.

What you cannot do, is reuse the same binaries to write two or more Shell Namespace Extensions.

If you purchase a license, you will also get a 1-year technical support subscription included, starting from the order payment date. You will get free technical support and you will be able to use all new versions released, for one year.

On purchase date anniversary, you'll have the choice to:

renew your annual subscription at a discount of 60% on public prices. This offer will be available during 1 month from the payment date anniversary date.

or continue using last purchased ShellBoost version license for free, but without technical support.

Trial version

A fully functional ShellBoost 60-days trial version is automatically available for download in the Projects list on the ShellBoost web site once you have signed up. Signing up is required to be able to download the trial version. The site only needs an email for signing up, even when using social logins.

The trial version project is only for testing, and cannot be upgraded into a commercial version project.