ShellBoost Pricing

ShellBoost pricing is super simple. We sell only one product: A ShellBoost Project. A ShellBoost Project is represented by the following characteristics:

  • A defined junction point (that can be fixed or related to a file format)
  • The icon displayed in the shell
  • The title for this icon
  • The tooltip for this icon

For a given ShellBoost project, you can change these characteristics any time you want, but if you plan to write another Shell Namespace Extension with different characteristics, and ship them both, then you will have to buy another ShellBoost Project.

For detailed information on licensing, please check out the Licensing Section

These are the unit prices per Project License, with 1-year technical support subscription included, with quantity discount, exclusive of VAT.

Number of projects Discount Price in US Dollar ($) Price in Euro (€)
1 $995.00 850,00 €
2 to 5 20% $796.00 680,00 €
6 to 10 30% $697.00 595,00 €
11 and more 35% $647.00 553,00 €
If you purchase a license (and the included 1-year technical support subscription) today (2019/11/17):
  • You will get free technical support and you will be able to use all new versions released until 2020/11/17.
  • On purchase date anniversary (2020/11/17), you'll have the choice to:
    • renew your annual subscription at a discount of 60% on public prices. This offer will be available during 1 month from the purchase date anniversary date.
    • or continue using last purchased ShellBoost version license for free, but without technical support.